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  • Sicilian Recipe

Chef: Fabio Potenzano

Cooking like a chef has never been so easy! Open your My Cooking Box and taste the traditions of the Sicilian cuisine, with a high quality recipe created in collaboration with Rizzoli Emanuelli. My Cooking Box contains all the ingredients of the highest quality and in the right doses to cook a cream of cannellini with anchovies in spicy sauce and spaghetti with anchovies, pine nuts, raisins and tomatoes. Recipe signed by the Chef Fabio Potenzano.

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Ingredients in detail

CANNELLINI BEANS (Ingredients: organic cannellini beans 75%, water, 1% sea salt) 300 g – drained weight 220 g

SPAGHETTI – durum wheat semolina pasta (Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water) 200 g

TOMATO SAUCE (Ingredients: tomato 95%, onions, salt) 100 g

FILLETS OF ANCHOVIES IN SPICY SAUCE (Ingredients: anchovies 50% , extra virgin olive oil 34%,wine vinegar 8%, 3% tuna, wine, sugar, mustard, spices, carrots, onions, salt) 52 g

ANCHOVIES FILLETS OF THE ADRIATIC SEA IN ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (Ingredients: anchovies 48%, organic extra virgin olive oil 45%, salt) 40 g – drained weight 22 g

BREADCRUMBS (Ingredients: soft wheat flour type “0”, water, salt, brewer’s yeast) 20 g

SEA SALT CRYSTALS (Origin: Italy) 20 g

CONDIMENT BASED ON EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE AND GARLIC OIL (Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 99%, garlic 1%) 20 ml

PASSOLINA RAISINI (Ingredients: sultana grape 99.6%, sunflower oil 0.4%) 7 g

PINE NUTS (Origin: Italy) 5 g

SALT (Two packages of 2 g)


OREGANO (Origin: Italy) 0.2 g

You can find the detailed recipe book inside the box.


Sicily, the largest island of our country. A land that allows you to take a trip inside the customs and habits still linked to the tradition. In this adventure there is a special place for searching tastes and flavours able to give you the same emotions of a sunset in front of the sea. Flavours, which never fail to surprise even the most refined palates.

Sicily enjoys an extraordinary climate that allows the growth of quality crops, today recognized as international excellence. The flavours and aromas are based on the values of the successive cultures over the centuries: from the Greeks to the Spanish domination, each period has given the island cuisine a new custom, giving life to a cultural heritage still guarded by the Sicilians.

The cannellini bean cream is a simple, light appetizer, intensified by the combination with anchovies in spicy sauce, which will bring to your table the flavours of the Mediterranean Sea.

The anchovies are the protagonists of all the typical Sicilian dinner, as they are also the main ingredient of durum wheat semolina spaghetti, accompanied by the freshness of the tomato sauce, the addition of toasted pine nuts and the particular presence of grapes passolina, a product often used in Mediterranean gastronomy.

A simple but refined dish. A dinner to make your evening magical.