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Fabio Potenzano

Cooking as a Chef has never been so simple! Open your My Cooking Box and taste the Sicilian tradition!
My Cooking Box contains all made in Italy, high quality and in the right doses ingredients, in order to cook the delicious busiate pasta with cherry tomato, olives and capers. Recipe signed by the famous Chef Fabio Potenzano.


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The ingredients


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Ingredients in detail

CHERRY TOMATO SAUCE (Ingredients: Cherry tomato 97%, Polyphemus extra virgin olive oil DOP, salt, basil) 330g

TUMMINIA BUSIATE PASTA (Biological durum wheat organic pasta) Tumminia variety. Ingredients: Whole durum wheat semolina, water) 200 g

SEA SALT CRYSTALS (Origin: Italy) 20 g

GARLIC OIL (Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 99%, garlic 1%) 20 ml

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (Origin: Italy) 20 ml

PITTED DRIED BLACK OLIVES (Ingredients: Olives, salt) 10 g

CAPERS IN SEA SALT (Ingredients: capers, sea salt) 4 g

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SALT 2 packages of 2 g


Find the detailed recipe book inside the box.


The blue sea that pours into expanses of pools, the wind that flips the blades of the ancient windmills and the sun that reflects the whiteness of the piles of salt … welcome to Sicily.

We rediscover the gastronomic wonders of this region through the consistency of the ancient grains. These are the wheat grown before the green revolution, when the crops were made with non-genetically modified seed and then carried out by various Sicilian companies with the aim of enhancing the ancient grains, tall up to 2.2 meters and with a low content of gluten.

The deep knowledge of milling art allows to keep an high quality of the flour produced: the milling in this way, which takes place through particular millstones with natural stone, enhances the aromas of these forgotten grains.

The busiate are then combined with the cherry tomato of the best quality thanks to the place where it grows, Southern Sicily The exposure to sunlight, the brackish waters and the unique properties of the cultivation land make it unique and tasty .

Then the tasty black olives, with antioxidant power, and the capers of Pantelleria, taken from that island where the wind blows and where the love for nature makes the organoleptic and aromatic characteristics of these products unaltered, since they are processed without addition of preservatives, dyes or chemical additives.