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Emanuele Poli

Cooking like a chef has never been easier! Open your My Cooking Box and taste the Lombard traditions! My Cooking Box contains all the highest quality ingredients and in the right doses to cook a tasty Milanese risotto with saffron pistils and Grana Padano cream, signed by chef Emanuele Poli.


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Ingredients in detail

  1. CARNAROLI RICE (Country of cultivation and processing: Italy) 210 g

2. PINOT GRIGIO TERRE SICILIANE IGT (12% vol. Contains sulphites) 100 ml

3. PADANO GRANA CREAM (Ingredients: Grana Padano Dop 33% (contains preservative: egg lysozyme), water, cream, butter, corn starch, egg yolk, melting salt: sodium citrate, apple vinegar. Preservative: acid sorbic) 90 g

4. VEGETABLE CUT - prepared for broth (Ingredients: vegetables 55% (carrots, celery, onions in variable proportion), salt 30%, extra virgin olive oil 7%, garlic, aromatic herbs) 15 g

5. ONION (Origin: Italy) 5 g

6. SALT UP TO 2 g


8. PURE SAFFRON IN PISTILS (Origin: Italy) 0.15 g

9. May contain traces of cereals containing gluten and derivatives, nuts and derivatives.

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Located on the Po Valley in Northern Italy, Milan is among the most populated metropolitan areas of Europe. Its name derives from Mediolanum meaning midfield and was given to the city by Romans in 222 BC. Nowadays it is a forefront of fashion and design but Milan has never neglected its traditions, especially food ones, and saffron risotto is its most significant emblem