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  • Tuscan Recipe

Italo Bassi

Cooking like a chef has never been so easy! Open your My Cooking Box and taste the Tuscan traditions! My Cooking Box contains all the ingredients of the highest quality in the right doses to cook a tasty Tuscan tomato and bread soup. Recipe signed by the Chef Italo Bassi.


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The ingredients

Organic Tomato Pasta

340 g


100 g

Garlic Oil

20 ml

Basil Oil

20 ml

Organic Chopped Vegetables

15 g


10 g


4 g

Black Pepper

0,3 g

Ingredients in detail

ORGANIC TOMATO PASSATA (Ingredients: organic Tuscan tomato juice 99.3%, basil 0.2%, sea salt 0.5%) 340 g

BREADCRUMBS (Ingredients: “0” soft wheat flour type, water, salt, brewer’s yeast) 100 g

EXTRA VIRGIN GARLIC OIL(Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 99%, garlic 1%) 20 ml

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE AND BASIL OIL CONDIMENT (Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 99 %, basil 1%) 20 ml

ORGANIC CHOPPED VEGETABLES (Ingredients: vegetables 55% (carrots *, celery *, onions * in variable proportion), salt 30%, extra virgin olive oil * 7%, garlic*, aromatic herbs *) organic 15 g

DRIED ONION (Origin: Italy) 10 g

SALT 2 Packages of 2 g


You can find the detailed recipe book inside the box.


The extraordinary cultural heritage of Tuscany is as rich as it is varied: along with the magnificent works of Michelangelo, Leonardo and all those who have made this region a true pearl of Italian cultural heritage. There are also those small rural traditions that silently perpetrated over time and that today make this region even more special.

Talking about gastronomy also means talking about history. And history is also characterized by simple and “rustic” customs that have profoundly marked the culture of our regions. Remaining in Tuscany, one of the richest regions of customs and traditions, that over time, have been handed down from generation to generation, giving us a dish created for “people”, symbol of simplicity and rurality of this region.