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  • Recipe From Campania

Chef: Roberto Proto

This cook like a Chef it’s very easy! Open your My Cooking Box and taste the Campanian culinary traditions! My Cooking Box includes all the typical Italian ingredients, of the highest quality and in the proper doses to cook delicious mezzi paccheri of Gragnano IGP with yellow mashed tomatoes and tuna belly, signed by the Chef Roberto Proto, one Michelin star. An original and gourmet gift idea to surprise the ones you love.

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Ingredients in detail

YELLOW TOMATO SAUCE (Ingredients: Capaccio’s long yellow tomato, basil, salt) 300 g

MEZZI PACCHERI RIGATI – Gragnano I.G.P. Pasta (Durum wheat semolina pasta Ingredients: Durum wheat pasta, water) 200 g

TUNA BELLY IN OLIVE OIL (Ingredients: Tuna, olive oil, salt) 200 g – drained weight 140 g


GARLIC OIL (Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 99%, garlic 1%) 20 ml

PITTED DRIED BLACK OLIVES (Ingredients: Olives, salt) 4 g

CAPERS IN SEA SALT (Ingredients: capers, sea salt) 4 g

Packaged in a factory using nuts.

SALT 2 g



Find the detailed recipe book inside the box.


A recipe that will get you along the coast of Campania that gathers small characteristic villages that smell of sea and flowers, in a delightful tangle of alleyways and alleys: welcome to the wonders of the Amalfi Coast.

The art of preserving what is good from the earth is rooted in the tradition of the Magna Graecia culture. And this is how our yellow tomato is worked, in Capaccio, in the heart of Cilento. Without conservatives and chemical additives, rich in beta-carotene, it retains its unaltered characteristics, ideal for enhancing the taste of the tuna belly, the most valuable part of this fish that inhabits the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Appreciated by connoisseurs for its fine flavour and delicate aroma, the belly is worked according to the tradition of the Amalfi Coast, starting from the choice of Mediterranean tuna, the famous “blue fin”, the most valuable ever for the taste of its red meats.

A perfect combination if the yellow tomatoes are combined with the paccheri from Gragnano. The Mastro Pastaio, belonging to an ancient family of maccaronari, sifted the durum wheat semolina to check the purity of the product that, together with the water from the source of Monte Faito, gives origin to our pasta.

To enrich the delicate taste, we find the capers, which bring with them all the scents of the Mediterranean thanks to the volcanic origin of the soil, which gives that particular taste: impossible to find anywhere else in the world.